Arafat Mazhar is the director of Engage Pakistan, a non-profit organization that seeks to reform Pakistan’s blasphemy law. He is the author of the research paper "Plurality, Dissent, and Hegemony: The Story Behind Pakistan's Blasphemy Law," presented at the “Freedom of Religion and Expression in the Islamic Tradition” conference, organized by the Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Mazhar also serves on the advisory council for the Center for Islamic and Religious Freedom.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Arafat Mazhar, Swipe, 2020
Swipe is a political work of art--an attempt in space-making in response to the shrinking space for discourse we have been facing in Pakistan over the last decade.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2020

Shehr e Tabassum, Arafat Mazhar, 2020
It is the year 2071. There have been no reported instances of terrorism or violent crime in over 3 decades in Pakistan. The cost - the systematic subjugation of human emotion. Welcome to Shehr e Tabassum.