Ayesha Mir is an aspiring journalist/documentary filmmaker and is currently pursuing a Master's in Media and Communication at NYU. She has produced several short documentaries in the past (‘HIV: A battle of compassion’ 2018) that have been published by Dawn and DW. One of her films ‘Cleaning: A filthy job in Pakistan’ (2019) was recently screened at Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights film festival. She is also a regular staff reporter for a news website Voicepk.net and hopes to continue telling stories from South Asia.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Ayesha Mir & Shamber Alexander, Saving Kaavan: The World's Loneliest Elephant, 2021
Dr Amir Khalil thought he was just going on another job. The veterinarian from the Vienna-based charity Four Paws International had been invited to Pakistan, where he was tasked with training a five-tonne Asian elephant in preparation for his relocation to a sanctuary in Cambodia.