Divvy Film Festival, the latest venture of Foundation Art Divvy, in collaboration with the PNCA, is a celebration of the depth and breadth of powerful independent Pakistani cinema. The festival also celebrates the new Film Diploma course being held by the PNCA. We believe it is imperative to support independent film and filmmakers locally, and do so in a strong, consistent manner.

Our program includes more than 20 independent films - documentaries, feature films, short films, fiction films and animations. We are indebted and grateful to the directors and filmmakers who have entrusted us with their creations. Certain films will be premiering for the first time at Divvy Film Festival. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share the powerful narratives and stories in our exciting program with you!

Each Friday evening of this 6 week run (9 October – 16 November) has been carefully curated to create a thoughtful and immersive experience for the viewer, ending with a discussion with the filmmakers. An evening of panel discussions with film historians and directors is also included in our overall program. The themes of the films we will be showing vary between human stories of love and heartbreak, the resilience of heroic individuals and the trauma of loss, as well as the joy of ordinary and unexpected moments. The films tap into experiences and memories within each of us and highlight the hero within all of us.

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