• Uzair Surhio
    Divvy Film Festival is one of the fantastic festivals for independent filmmakers to screen their films in Pakistan. It honors filmmakers for their craft. From the big films with seasoned filmmakers to the newbies, every film is appreciated with respect and love. It's a great festival run by wonderful people. The overall vibe is one of overwhelming goodwill, generosity and possibility. It was such a privilege to be there for my films screening. I look forward to being a part of Divvy Film Festival again next year!
    Uzair Surhio
  • Nauman Khalid
    Pakistan has long needed an international film festival that can showcase the work of our talented filmmakers alongside films from other parts of the world . DFF provides, exactly, such a platform. My film “One-way Glass” was shown in the festival’s Karachi & Islamabad editions & I laud Zahra & her team for the professionalism and efficiency with which they organised the events. I wish them my best. Long may Divvy continue to bring us good cinema from Pakistan & abroad
    Nauman Khalid
  • Ali Mehdi 
    The Divvy Art team have done an amazing job of showcasing a wide range of films in their event. It was heartening to see the audience react to and appreciate my film and  I’m thrilled to have been accepted and won the Divvy Audience Award 2023. Thank you, Foundation Divvy Art team, for a wonderful experience and for having us part of your fantastic festival. You'll see some of the best Pakistani films at the fest    
    Ali Mehdi 
  • S Muneeb Kazmi
    Divvy Film Festival provided a fantastic platform for my film, and I must say that it was an exceptional experience. I would highly recommend it to any filmmaker looking to showcase their talent and work and connect with like minded individuals
    S Muneeb Kazmi
  • Irfan Noor K
    The Divvy Film Festival was a breath of fresh air for independent films in Pakistan, and I couldn't be happier that my documentary, The Land of My Forefathers, was chosen to be part of it. What's even more impressive is that my film, which was shot on a zero budget with just iPhones, was selected based on its gripping story, proving that the festival values substance over style. As a filmmaker, being a part of the festival was an incredibly inspiring and humbling experience. It's wonderful to see such a platform that celebrates creativity and gives filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next edition of the Divvy Film Festival and can't wait to see the fascinating stories and films that will be showcased from Pakistan. I'm already excited about the prospect of being part of it again, and I hope that the festival continues to grow and provide a platform for emerging talent to shine
    Irfan Noor K
  • Farjad Nabi
    Dialogue is like oxygen that keeps a society vibrant and growing. Film festivals are the spaces where these dialogues take place. This makes Divvy absolutely crucial to the collective health of Pakistani society. Being on the jury for Divvy has been one of the most exhilarating yet toughest assignments ever. The quality of the films is simply outstanding
    Farjad Nabi
  • Mariam Khan
    Thank you so much to the Divvy Festival for believing in our film and being one of the first Pakistani festivals to screen it! We are so honored that Divvy stands behind important work like this and has created a platform for budding filmmakers. Getting to virtually speak in front of the KLF audience was also a lovely experience and we hope we are able to bring visibility to the important issue of forced child conversions
    Mariam Khan
  • Ahmen Khwaja
    We are grateful to have our film selected and screened at the Divvy Film Festival! Thank you for giving the opportunities to filmmakers to bring in important films and content that can hopefully inspire people to have diverse conversations in Pakistan’s socioeconomic landscape
    Ahmen Khwaja
  • Amber Arifeen
    Art Divvy film festival is a fantastic platform for artists and filmmakers to present their films which would otherwise be missed by audiences in Pakistan. For filmmakers it is a unique opportunity as there are a dearth of platforms and festivals in the country. Art Divvy is creating a new space in that regard and as such as an extremely important initiative- and I am especially grateful for it as a new filmmaker. As an audience I have been completely surprised by the talent in Pakistan. I was introduced to movies and filmmakers that I wouldn’t otherwise know about and have learnt so much about our country through the multifaceted films that have been shown. The curation by the team shows how much work and effort was put into organising this festival and I am excited to see what they come with next year. Art Divvy has definitely become a highlight for me every winter and I very much look forward to it annually!
    Amber Arifeen
  • Mashal Baloch
    I am truly honoured that my film was selected and screened alongside all the other incredible films. Felt great to be recognized amongst such talented filmmakers from all over Pakistan. Thank you for curating such a great festival. Keep up the great work!
    Mashal Baloch
  • Shayhaq Baloch
    As an independent filmmaker I am overwhelmed by the love and respect we recieved at Divvy film Fest, it was one of a kind, traveling 3 major cities, I wish them all the best and hope to join them in coming years with more amazing stories from all around Pakistan
    Shayhaq Baloch
  • Anya Raza
    As a Pakistani filmmaker talking about torture, I wanted to premiere Still Here first in Pakistan. This film is about the journey from trauma to healing for Omar, a victim of torture. Given the sensitive topic, Art Divvy curated a diverse and curious audience and I am so grateful for their support and trust
    Anya Raza
  • Ali Sattar
    My experience with Art Divvy Film festival (lahore edition) was exceptional. Zahra and her team members communicated clearly and openly, from submitting the screener to reaching the venue, everything went smoothly. They booked a very nice room for me in lahore as I was coming from Islamabad. Everyone was very courteous and accommodated all the filmmakers with due regard. Having a platform like Art Divvy encourages all the young filmmakers to showcase their talent in public
    Ali Sattar
  • Omar ali khan
    A privilege to have my film screened at The Divvy Film Festival which I believe is an endeavor our sadly increasingly monotone society needs.  To encourage diversity and to keep creativity from being stifled by closed minds and self-righteous judgemental opinions.  The Festival showcased short films by young people who dare to dream and provided them with invaluable encouragement to continue their creative path and to keep learning and believing.  In a society where censorship and small minds are stifling creativity to death, it is endeavours like Divvy that is so important for keeping the flame alive.  Such support is invaluable for aspiring filmmakers and keeps hope alive.  In an increasingly stifling society where anything thought-provoking or non-conforming is banned, can we dare hope that Divvy keeps creativity and thought from total capitulation?  Thank you Divvy for providing some space for people to share their work without fear and condemnation. It's crucial for a healthy society. Bravo!
    Omar ali khan
  • Suleman Afzal
    What a wonderful experience! And I thank you for honoring my film. It makes all the hard work we put into this worthwhile. Much appreciated. Thank you for supporting independent filmmakers
    Suleman Afzal
  • Zebunnisa Hamid
    The Divvy Film Festival is playing a vital role in the development of film in Pakistan by providing a unique platform for filmmakers to showcase their work, giving a voice to creators and artists, and exposing local audiences to the world of film appreciation. Having closely followed the festival since its inception, it has been a pleasure to be on the jury and heartening to see the festival grow and continue to push the boundaries of creativity and expression
    Zebunnisa Hamid