Haider Bhatti is the Director and Cinematographer. He has studied film from National College of Arts and Beaconhouse National University. He has been working as a director/cinematographer for the past 7 years. He has shot music videos/dance films, films for Domestic Producers and International OTT Platforms. He has shot various documentary projects with UNESCO, USAID, UNICEF and BRITISH COUNCIL.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

A Dream Within a Dream, 2022, Haider Bhatti
The idea of a dream within a dream suggests that there are multiple layers of reality, and that even our experiences of reality may themselves be illusory. The concept raises deep questions about the nature of existence, the reliability of our perceptions, and the limitations of human knowledge. At its core, the idea of a dream within a dream speaks to the transience of human experience. Just as a dream is fleeting and insubstantial, our lives too can seem ephemeral and insubstantial in the grand scheme of things. The poem's speaker suggests that even the things we believe to be real, like the sand slipping through our fingers, may in fact be illusory and impermanent.