Foundation Art Divvy and Fakir Khana Museumare delighted to presentI, too, am a part of this history The exhibition, which is a collateral of LB01: the Lahore Biennale, displays the work of twenty-four leading contemporary artists and will be on view from Friday 16 March – Saturday 31 March.

In an effort to highlight Lahore’s rich artistic legacy, and the importance of preserving and engaging with its cultural history, Foundation Art Divvy and Fakir Khana Museum have chosen to collaborate on a remarkable exhibition. This unique venture emphasizes the need to invest in future art movements and young artists.

The title of the exhibition, “I, too, am a part of this history,” is a quote by Mr Faqir Saif-ud-din, the custodian and owner of the Fakir Khana Musem & Haveli. It encapsulates the essence of this show and the philosophy behind it, which is to remind visitors to the exhibition of their inexorable connection to Lahore’s history and their unavoidable obligation to engage with and preserve the legacy with which they have been endowed.

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