Mehroz started his career as a photographer back in 2012. A few of his pictures have been selected for international and national forums. Due to his recognition as a photographer, he got associated with a couple of NGOs that marked the beginning of my career as a storyteller. Afterward, he officially started working as an assistant director. He made his first short film called "Tumhari Pam Pam (Your Pam Pam) " which was internationally recognized and accredited. It was screened at different film festivals around the world. Moreover, it was awarded at an international film festival in New Jersey. Last year, his second short film titled "Five Stars" was officially selected for Fribough International Film Festival. Recently, his third short film "Kalashnikov" was officially selected at Cannes 2022, Avanca international film festival, and several other festivals. His third venture is still making a mark around the world and is slated for recognition. Along with three directorial ventures to his credit, he has written two short films as well. As a screenwriter, he has developed several projects over the years, including the ones that gained critical acclaim, and international recognition. He has established an independent production company called "Chal Phir Cinema." His passion for cinema has prompted him to create a platform for local underrepresented filmmakers.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Kalashnikov, 2022, Mehroz Amin
Kalashnikov is a film dedicated to the great superstars of the 80s era of Lollywood. It is a one-take film that reflects the journey of an artist from rising to falling. The story revolves around an artist from yesteryear, a suppressed actress, and a boy who sells eggs on the streets. An artistic element aligns all the characters and unveils the irony of an artist in Pakistani society. This film is evocative and eye-opening. It throws light on an important subject along with giving a beautiful cinematic experience. It was officially selected and screened at Cannes film festival ( SFC ) , 26th Avanca Film Festival, Kolkata International Short film festival, 8th Bahia independent cinema festival, Brazil , 7th Trujillo independent film festival, Peru and was among finalists at 21st aporia international village film festival.

FIVE STARS, 2021, Mehroz Amin
Masla safar ka nahi, hum safar ka hai...In this new release, A young girl leaves her home to follow her heart only for it to be broken, and a chance encounter with her taxi driver restores her faith in kindness.