(b. 1986, Pakistan), lives and works in Lahore. Shams received a BFA from National College of Art, Lahore (2009), where she is working as a visiting lecturer while completing her M.Phil in Cultural studies.
Artist Statement | I, too, am a part of this history
The series of my new work "Fragile"and "handle with care" is a dialogue on traditional miniatures. That how we feel it to be really precious that sometimes we don't allow people to look at them. Though it's very sensitive due to its intricate process but we make it so inaccessible that it becomes difficult to enjoy it. On a social level, it also depicts the society we are living in. It has become so manipulative. We cover everything in a manner that the picture remains unclear. Very fragile and sensitive issues are tackled just by covering them. we are always interested in beautiful things around us. we don't want to get into harsh or worst realities.

Quratulain Shams
Fragile, 2018
Gouache on wasli, frame and tape
18 x 14 inches