Rouhi Kashfi is the first film maker who has graduated in this field from Parachinar ( Ex Federally Administered Tribal Areas), NMDs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He was attributed with Distinction due to his overall performance from National College of Arts, Lahore Pakistan (Film & TV Department). in 2020. After his graduation he worked as a freelance Filmmaker/ Documentarian in Pakistan. He is an acclaimed emerging filmmaker in Pakistan. In 2021, he won two awards at the National Film Festival (NASFF21) . Along with the award, he also received a fully funded scholarship to study at New York Film Academy. He has been making films since 2015 and since then he has worked on various art films, commercial projects and music projects as a director, producer and DOP. In his films, he tries to bring the theme of Peace and harmony in his projects. He mostly projects issues revolving around human rights and social justice. Other than filmmaking he also co-founded and runs an Organisation named ETA-Education Through Arts in (EX-FATA) KPK, Pakistan Since 2015.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Rouhi Kashfi, B FOR NAOO, 2021
B FOR NAOO is a story that revolves around post-war traumatic financial and emotional restraint on the next generation in a small village of Parachinar; the tribal area of Pakistan. This beautiful region has been subjected to sectarian rifts and militancy of banned outfits for decades. As a result of this unrest, this fire has taken many innocent lives and caused extreme tension in the region. The movie unveils these underlying layers of oppression through the lens of a little boy who represents the agony of the new generation through grief, trauma, and economical crisis. The character of the child introduces new dawn, innocence, and hope after a long journey of chaos and uncertainty. The boy has a pet goat as his only best friend and their relationship holds a significant mark on the storyline to hold the whole plot. However, the post-war crisis in the unfortunate place also studies the social, economic, and psychological side effects through their bond. The story is moulded according to the lens of this relationship between war and the child. All the little details of the village, the behaviour of the people, and the underlying issues such as misogyny, lack of education, and the struggle for survival are incorporated into the movie through their actions. The storyline contains a full package including aesthetics of the village, the lives of the inhabitants, emotional connections, and psychological subjugation while preserving the principles of realistic film making.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Rouhi Kashfi, Taana Baana, 2019
A film about a dying art of wicker craft