Shayhaq Baloch an indie filmmaker from Balochistan, We try to tell minimalistic stories, stories from our part of the world, stories which are not told frequently. We want to introduce them to the world. There are many unique cultures, amazing people, beautiful landscapes, turquoise beaches etc. Being a filmmaker gives us the power to live many lives, experience things which men cannot possibly get the opportunity to, living in a remote area like Balochistan, not having basic needs like drinking water, health, education, business opportunities etc. It’s very difficult to make films frequently, we make 0 budget purely independent films.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

CHAMM (The Trick), 2021, Shayhaq Baloch
In search for bread for his family, a common young Afghan man dares to trick the superpower, in a war ridden world, he makes war his economy and he makes a trap for US drones.