Sualeha Qureshi (she/her) is a Pakistani filmmaker and journalist with a strong focus on human rights, geography, and methods towards a sustainable future. Her modus operandi is to create accessible and educational visual pieces which provide modern solutions to contemporary problems. A strong believer in media advocacy, her campaigns and productions have influenced Pakistan’s legislative and public policies — influencing the next generation of Pakistanis to analyse and constructively criticise their systems of governance and cultural traditions. A UnionDocs 2022 fellow, she has directed and produced independent documentaries, commercials and films for HBO, VICE, ALJAZEERA, BBC, Channel 4, ARY FILMS and Red Bull. She is the Director of Soch Media, a digital media platform specialising in investigative and explanatory journalism, where she leads productions.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

The Legend of Pir Mangho, 2019, Soch Videos
Manghopir in Karachi is famous for being home to the shrine of Sufi Saint, Pir Mangho. This documentary explores the mystical tale of the Sufi Saint and the crocodile disciples he left behind. But who exactly was Pir Mangho? And what does he have to do with crocodiles? #TeamSoch visits Pir Mangho’s final resting place to find out more.